The 6 Week De-Stress and Eat Mindfully Course was created for our remote clients, and by overwhelming demand. This new pilot program will be delivered only over WebEx/teleconference. This program is open to all and you do not have to be a CogniDiet Alumni to participate.

It consists of 6 sessions of one hour each that will help you calm down, become more mindful and aware of your choices. Each session will be led by Veronique Cardon, MS. She knows quite a lot about stress, having been a pharma executive for almost 30 years.

This program is for you if:

–  You have a stressful life

–  You struggle with being in the moment, most of the times

–  You do not pay real attention to your food choices – They are usually triggered by stress and are usually carbohydrate rich

–  You know your food choices are not optimal and contribute to your “unwell-being”

–  You feel constantly tired, brain-fogged, bloated and even depressed

–  You have a hard time deciding to make yourself and your health a priority


On the contrary to the 6 or 12 week CogniDiet weight loss programs, this one does not include nutritional education but is more focused on stress reduction and mindfulness. it however includes recommendation on foods and supplements that can help you manage stress better.

It still uses the proven CogniDiet specific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles and mindfulness techniques to help you learn to be in control. But it is different from our existing curricula as it explores mindfulness, body/mind relation and stressors at a deeper psychological level with practical experiments as a solution.

We developed this program due to an increasing demand from our remote clients to participate in our programs a/o to continue to receive support without having to come to our Princeton office. Also, some past clients have expressed the desire to continue to work on their deeply seated eating behaviors.

Each session has a focus and you will be able to listen to the recorded session if you missed it.

Here are the proposed chapters:

Chapter 1:  Calming yourself

Chapter 2:  Responding to your body

Chapter 3:  True need versus habit

Chapter 4:  Reprograming your mind

Chapter 5:  Self-love and food

Chapter 6:  Dealing with speed bumps


At the end of this program, and if you practice your learnings, a feeling of calm and wellbeing should start to guide you and help you make better food (and other) choices.

You will also learn to apply tricks to distract your mind from temptations and find healthier alternatives. You will understand why, and how, you need to manage your stress in general, and why it impacts your health AND your weight for the worse.




The WebEx will take place every Monday night at 7PM to 8pm (we will really start at 7pm and finish at 8pm) Standard Eastern Time.

The first session will be on Monday April 10. Registration is a must. It is $180 for 6 weekly sessions or $30 per sessions. You will also get a copy of the slides presented for your homework. Pay here (imperative to be able to participate) and select the 6 Week De-Stress and eat Mindfully Program: register for this program and pay on line

As soon as you are registered, you will get a link to the webcast for the 6 sessions. You will be able to participate anonymously.