• Interview with Debbie Lang on NJFoxSports -Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday Season

    Interview with Debbie Lang on NJFoxSports -Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday Season

    Listen to my interview with Debbie Lang, top New Jersey realtor and creator of the radio show “The Voice of Real Estate in New Jersey”. We explore tips to enjoy a healthy holiday season

    We discuss my new book “Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain” coming out mid-January and our 2016 clinical trial results, that were presented at The American College of Nutrition 58th Meeting last November in DC.

    Not only did women – average age 56 – lose an average 12lbs. over 12 weeks, and maximum of 33lbs., but new data recently unveiled shows they lost an average of 2 extra lbs. within the next 6 months.

    We are now analyzing the 12 months follow up data. This is the holy grail of weight loss. Weight loss has to to be sustainable and one year post any diet program is a very important milestone for measuring success. We are confident that we can help women rewire their brain and adopt new healthier habits rather than living the eternal vicious circle of yo-yo dieting.

    We talk about tips to avoid sugar cravings, how to organize a healthy and temptation free kitchen, how to estimate calories with simple visual tricks, and more. We also discuss simple recipes and healthy gifts for the Holiday Season.

    Have fun, be healthy, be happy and have a wonderful 2018. I can help you start on the right path with our book and webinars starting January 16, 2018!

    Register now for the 6 or 12 Week series. It’s $187 for 6 and $336 for 12, and it includes the book!

    I would love to help you! With love, Veronique.



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