• My Story: How I Lost 30 lbs. in 2005 and Kept Them Off

    My Story: How I Lost 30 lbs. in 2005 and Kept Them Off

    Puffy, Overeating and Tired – How I Lost 30 lbs. in 2005 and Kept them Off 


    An Excerpt From My Book “Weight Loss Starts In Your Brain”


    …. ” In 2004, I was a sorry vision of what I used to be. I should have taken better care of myself. I did not. I was overweight, puffy, always tired. Health indexes such as cholesterol and blood sugar were elevated. I even managed to have a fatty liver at what—45? I had become a stress eater, grabbing any chocolate or crappy cookie I could find after a tough meeting.

    I had gained 30 pounds.

    I came from Europe in 1995 and managed to completely change my eating habits. For the worst. I sadly had adopted the American standard diet and had discovered fried foods, Cherry Coke® and hamburgers while living my first years in the U.S., and guess where, in Atlanta. The land of fried everything. I went from being a rather skinny European with healthy habits to a fast food eater. I lost my roots. I did not pay attention to food portions. I did not pay attention to all the sugar hidden in everything. I drank gigantic milkshakes.

    Combine this with stress, and you get a catastrophic weight gain. I remember scouting the empty office space at 7 p.m. with an uncontrollable craving for anything sugary. It did not solve any problem. It did not really make me feel better, only puffier, more tired, and more bloated. It’s as if I had abandoned my body and self-esteem. There was no nourishment of the soul nor of the body. I had fat rolls everywhere.

    Even the appearance of my fat had changed. There was no discipline in eating, no rules. Bear claw was my best friend, even one hour before dinner, on my way back home. I became a constant muncher. I was not exercising. I remember licking ice cream on the train coming back from New York City at 6 p.m. I entered a vicious circle of not feeding my body right, which in turn diminished my energy, intellectual acuity, sex drive and self-esteem. Sugar became my drug, my crutch, my best friend, my worst enemy.”

    Look at these pictures. I look better now in my fifties than I was in my forties. I am stronger, more muscular, lighter, healthier and happier. I eat naturally, but I have ice cream or a dessert from time to time. And as a French woman, from Normandy, I have my wine, Camembert and baguette a few times a year!

    This is what I did in a nutshell – I did it with 10 major changes – they did not all come at the same time:

    1. Educated myself about healthy nutrition

    2. Stopped dieting! I terminated the losing proposition of yo-yo dieting

    3. Came back to European sized portions and started to eat on smaller plates

    4. Eliminated white carbohydrates/sugar – all the bear claws, milkshakes, ice cream and cakes etc. NB: I still have one from time to time – but only the best!

    5. Came back to fresh vegetables and fruits and seriously increased my non-starchy vegetables servings again

    6. Eliminated pasta and cut my bread intake (bread only for breakfast)

    7. Eliminated liquid calories (600 calorie Frappuccino’s…) and diet sodas

    8. Started to exercise; a combination of strength and cardio – 3 to 4 times a week. I really had to build muscles. Also started to run outside. I am not perfect every week however!

    9. Started to meditate to lower my stress level and used calming techniques to deflect emotionally driven cravings

    10. Gave myself permission to come first! Most important and difficult decision for a mother, a wife, and a corporate  executive!

    Interestingly, at one point, I tried to become a vegetarian and it did not do me good. I discovered eating beans and legumes as a source of protein did make me gain weight. This is because there are too many starches in beans and legumes. I also literally crave meat when I run a lot. So I came back to a rather carnivore diet.

    My body and my mind are aligned and at peace. I do not solve my issues with food anymore. Am I perfect? NO. But I am good 80% of the times. If I could change, you can change too. This is why I created this weight loss program. Diets don’t work because we don’t learn to change.

    The Book will be published on Amazon mid January 2018 put can be pre-ordered and by clicking on the link you can also read a preview. And the on-line program (starting January 16) is $ 187 for 6 weeks and $336 for 12 weeks with a weekly session and more (Register here). Both were created to help you achieve these results at your own pace while enjoying your journey. You have to be happy while you lose weight, this is the secret.

    With love, Veronique



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