• Manette’s Story on How to Put Yourself First and Lose 50 Pounds

    Manette’s Story on How to Put Yourself First and Lose 50 Pounds

    Losing weight and finally putting herself first allowed her to give back more!

    Manette is a beautiful blonde, in her forties, with a kind heart, a busy schedule, and a rather stressful life. She is divorced, works as a full-time RN in pain management. She is raising two boys, 5 and 11, on her own. It is a very important part of the story because how does a full-time working, single mother undergo such a transformation? She lost 40 pounds on The CogniDiet in 12 weeks and then another 10 pounds on her own.

    She has maintained this 50 lbs. loss now for over 1.5 years.

    How did she do it? First, she decided to follow the program, because she had witnessed a friend’s transformation on The CogniDiet, and got inspired. She said to herself: “Enough is enough. I need to take my life back”. She was a very tired woman who had reached her limits. At one point, your body can’t just take it anymore.

    She realized it was getting tougher to keep up with her two boys. She could not run after them. She told me she had planned a trip to Disney with her family. She was worried she would not be able to run after her boys and lose them in the amusement park. She was concerned she would have to stop and sit too many times, preventing her children to fully enjoy the day. Her knees and hips were killing her.

    She went to see her family doctor. She did all the blood tests. His only explanation for her extreme and chronic fatigue was that it was “normal’ for a woman her age, with her job and raising two kids. It was the price to pay to getting older.

    “This was like a kick in my stomach. I was furious. How would I be and feel at 60? Would I need a jazzy cart to go to my son’s graduation?”

    First, she allowed herself to become her top priority. She had to become “her project”. That was the most important step. She finally applied our motto “You deserve to feel good. You deserve to take the time to take care of yourself”.

    She gave herself the budget, the time and dedication to change. Manette is a giver; as a mother, as a nurse and as a caring daughter. She empowered herself to get her energy back. She had to nurture herself first.

    She got rid of ALL processed foods!

    She stopped eating processed foods and convenient pre-packaged dinners. She was also addicted to sodas. She in fact got “processed” out of her vocabulary.

    By doing this, she eliminated preservatives, colorants, additives, trans fats and SUGAR from her diet. She stopped cold turkey, on week one. This is unique and powerful.

    Her real aha moment was the realization of how these so-called convenience foods, and sodas, were in fact destroying her health. Labels and ingredients analysis in the classes made a big difference.

    She planned all her (healthy) meals

    Because she is so busy, she must be super organized. As a nurse she knows how to be diligent, efficient, and focused, while multi-tasking. She leveraged these skills to become more disciplined about cooking, preparing her meals and bringing them to work, instead of relying on the snack dispenser.

    She makes sure she has salads, vegetables and good sources of protein. She also cooks for her kids every night.

    Her body changed as fast as ONE WEEK!

    She literally lost a very impressive amount of weight (in the double-digit range) the first week. This was of course a lot of water initially. It was a sign at how “polluted” her body was. Too much sugar and bad fats creates inflammation in your body. And that state works against you when you try to lose weight. You have to clean your body first.

    She felt a transformation very quickly. Her complexion brightened, her energy sky-rocketed. She really focused on nutrition the first twelve weeks. She knew she had to go back to exercising, which she had neglected. But she took one step at a time.

    She went from a size 16 to 10. She cleaned her wardrobe, and funny enough, initially invested in new scrubs only. She now enjoys shopping online!

    With two boys, she wants to enjoy activities with them. She told me she was so proud this past winter that she has been skiing with her kids. She had no skied since she was 18. Her knees were hurting her too much.

    She is now dating. She still has a stressful life. But she uses a lot of the techniques we taught in the program.

    1. She sometimes still go back to her old habits when she is tired. And this is normal. When we don’t sleep enough and/or have a stressful day, our mind and body will demand carbs.

    2. Her secret? She has learned to stop herself in her tracks. Not after she has eaten half a cookie, but before she even opens the cupboard door. She told me she talks to herself. She gauges her appetite and as soon as she realizes she is not hungry, she will not eat.

    3. She has a way of focusing on all the positives about her transformation. Energy, body shape, muscle mass, ability to exercise, back to dating and feeling pretty. She loves to shop online (no time to go to stores). She plans multiple physical adventures with her boys.

    Manette is sharing her tricks

    Of course, in the interview, I asked her to share her tricks. Because she is so successful. What is she doing to maintain this weight loss? So, she thought about it and shared her little secrets with us:

    1. She avoids snowball effects because she always has good food, prepped for the next day, at home. if she falls off the wagon one day, she gets back on track immediately. No excuses.

    2. She has made her healthy food “convenient” in the fridge. We are talking about pre-cut, pre-cooked, packaged in portions, portable, or reheat-able. How creative.

    3. She drinks 32 floz. of water with the juice of a fresh lemon first thing every morning. She says it alkalizes her body, boosts her immunity and cuts her appetite. She has the discipline to drink it before her first coffee.

    4. She keeps her goals in plain sight. For example, she is now training for the “Citizens Bank Spring Sprint” in September 2018. There is information about it everywhere in her house, car, and office. It is on her fridge, on her night table etc. It keeps her focused on what matters.

    5. When and if she wants ice cream at 10pm, usually when she is tired, she goes to the fridge, but she realizes she wants to be in good shape for the run. It stops her in her tracks.

    6. This does not mean she does not have the occasional ice cream or cake. But she is in control.

    Here is her wonderful final quote:

    ” Initially taking more time for yourself to lose weight etc. can feel selfish. But I realize now that, by taking care of myself and losing weight, I gained more energy, boosted my confidence and improved my health. That allowed me to give more to others”!

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