Class 1: Sugar Is Killing Us


Become a sugar eliminator and find smart ways to replace it while keeping your sanity. Lose that belly, regain energy & feel lighter fast


Class curriculum:

  • Understand the impact of carbohydrates/sugar on your brain, health and weight and the difference between good and bad carbohydrates including the power of fiber

  • Understand gluten intolerance myths and realities
  • Learn to eliminate sugar, make smart tradeoffs, and/or combine sugar with protein and fat to lose weight

Brain exercises:

  • Discover how much sugar you eat every day including its hidden sources

  • Create a sugar/carbs substitution list

  • You will create a new shopping list

  • You will construct your (new) ideal meal/snack playing with props and you’ll be drawing your (new) ideal plate

  • You will create a (new) healthy foods list and a (new) food elimination list

  • You will decide to make one (new) healthy decision impacting your weight loss. This one will have to be related to carbohydrates and sugar.