Class 11: Are Your Hormones Sabotaging Your Success?


Is it really a slow thyroid, or pre-menopause/andropause that is in your way to lose weight? Let’s revisit some myths


  • Learn about the role of hormones especially as it relates to your thyroid on your metabolism

  • Learn what happens at menopause or andropose and how loss of estrogen and testosterone also impacts appetite., muscle mass, memory, libido and more

Brain exercises:

  • Draw your new favorite meals and associate them with colors and images

  • Construct your (new) ideal meal/snack playing with props and you’ll be drawing your (new) ideal plate. If you have done this exercise already, you will benefit from doing it again and maybe revisit some choices.

  • Create a (new) healthy foods list and a (new) food elimination list

  • Decide to make one (new) healthy decision impacting your weight loss