Class 3: More Muscles, Better Metabolism, Better Mood


Yes, you can start being active at any age and build muscles! And if you feel stuck, let’s help you find a second wind 


  • Understand the impact of muscles on your metabolism
  • Realize the impact of exercising on your wellbeing and mood and why it is the best anti-aging method

  • Understand the benefits and short comings of each type of exercise: cardio-vascular, weight training, and stretching

  • Find ways to amp it up to lose weight if you feel stuck with your weight

Brain exercises:

  • Make an activity resolution (just start walking, push yourself if you exercise already, try a new sport…)
  • Write down the list of all the benefits you gain, short- and long-term from exercising

  • Visualize yourself and describe your life at 90 years old

  • Learn to medidate. Meditation visualization exercise helping you to feel the benefits of exercising if you are not very disciplined about it. This is an exercise you will be encouraged to do regularly