Class 6: The Benefits and Limitation of Detoxification


 Learn about the power of vegetables and fruits and how cleansing can rejuvenate your skin, guts, liver and so much more


  • Come prepared to that class with what you ate for the two past days in a food diary that you will have analyzed.
  • Learn what detoxification can bring as health benefits

  • Learn about the limitations and dangers of unnecessary detoxification

  • Understand why detoxification was not created for weight loss

  • Explore different types of detoxification (liquid, juicing, semi-liquid, other)

  • Get a plan for what to do after a detox period in order to stay on a healthy path

Brain exercises:

  • Deconstruct/analyze a few participants’ meals during the class
  • Create a new food elimination list and associate it with feelings. You will create a list of new foods to replace these eliminated foods and associate it with positive images and feelings. You will learn to associate negative or positive images when you encounter healthy vs. unhealthy foods.

  • Plan a detox experiment for the next three days (even for only one day)