Welcome to the CogniDiet 12-Week Weight Loss Program

This program was designed by Veronique Cardon, MS, author of "Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain," with the help of experts and is based on a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Eating Principles and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Veronique Cardon brings her life lessons to the CogniDiet Online Program.

Program Benefits

Proven average 12 week 12 pounds loss (max 33 pounds), maintained after one year. 95% Success rate.
No points, calorie counting, supplements or special foods/shakes.


My Future Me in Pictures


I Am Getting Rid of Sugar


I Am Rewiring My Brain


My Body is a Temple with Limited Square Feet


Help! Stress Makes Me Fat


I Am a Mean Fat Burning Machine


I Deal with Saboteurs and Eat Mindfully


Friendly Fat and Powerful Protein. Yes, They Can Help Me Lose Weight


I Don't Let Emotions Guide My Mouth


Help. I Am Stuck. How to Boost My Metabolism?


I Am Taking Care of My Health


My Success and My New Goals

How You Will Transform

Every decision starts in your brain. You can learn to rewire it and create new healthier pathways by adopting and practicing new behaviors. It is never too late. This is what The CogniDiet will help you achieve for the long term.

  • Rewire your brain via self-awareness and eating experiments

  • Learn what foods do to you and how you can become smarter at managing your choices

  • Better control your stress and emotional eating

  • Become more mindful and in harmony with your body and mind

Hear From Our Clients

“No more guilt, just good decisions. I am so happy I joined the online series in January 2018. It is convenient, practical, and Veronique is so good at motivating us every week. I have lost 8 lbs. in 6 weeks, and I am transformed!”

-- Gloria, Pennsylvania, 57

“I was initially skeptical and I have a crazy life, but the information is so well summarized, and Veronique is so engaging, that I have finally lost weight – 12 lbs. so far in 8 weeks! The combo book + online is perfect. I can’t believe a webinar did this to me. I highly recommend it now to all my friends.”

-- M.C., Georgia, 43

“The CogniDiet webinars and the book are teaching me the true meaning of taking care of myself. I’m not only learning how to find pleasure in making healthier food and lifestyle choices, but also that making these changes is truly putting myself first. I lost 8 lbs. in 6 weeks!”

-- S.D., New Jersey, 43

Step By Step: How It Works

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Program Kickoff

You can rewire your brain to become a healthier you! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a very well documented and validated treatment method to help people change. Its core philosophy is that thoughts precedes each action we undertake. We combine Emotional Brain Training (EBT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to change your brain to be happy and to lose weight!

Daily and Weekly Check-ins

Your subscription to the CogniDiet Online Program comes with daily and weekly emails to help keep you on track and give new ideas to how you can rewire your brain.


Cheat Sheets

Printable cheat sheets to train your brain at your own pace.

Weekly Experiments

Download and print each session's experiments to try something new with each session. The experiments offer real-life direction for new goals to look forward to each week.


Flexibility and Reinforcement

The CogniDiet online program gives you the flexibility to become healthier at your own pace. What's more, our daily emails and access to the Program's Private Facebook Group will allow you to connect with the program's founder, Veronique Cardon, as well as others in your class.

Still Hesitant?

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