People need each others to learn from their past struggles and personal experiences. As the program progresses, success stories, “ah-hah” moments, and new strategies to cope with temptations will be shared. You will be motivated by your group’s successes, you will learn healthy tips, you will build friendships. You may find a walking buddy or pen pal.

In the group setting, if you do agree to open your mind and share your journey, you will be enriched and inspired by others. The blog will offer the possibility to continue building a community of success and support to help you achieve your goals and keep the weight off  over time. As E. said a few weeks ago, “I did not know that quinoa was a better alternative to rice, thank you D., I will now switch.”


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    • 03 AUG 18
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    The Truth About The Keto Diet – This Nutritionist’s Opinion

    The Truth About The Keto Diet – This Nutritionist’s Opinion

    What is the truth about the keto diet? Everybody is talking about it. I bet you have many questions about the so-called “ketogenic diet” aka the “low-carb, high-fat diet (or LCHF diet)”. Let’s call it KD for the sake of this article. Is this a new fad? Is this working? Is this for everyone? There are

    • 14 JUN 18
    • 1
    Inspiring Healthy Lives: Jennifer the Simplifier

    Inspiring Healthy Lives: Jennifer the Simplifier

    There is a trend that has surfaced in my series of healthy lifestyle inspiration interviews. Let me explain – a while ago, I decided to discover the secrets of healthy and fit individuals. These people are my friends, colleagues, or even distant connections. They inspire me, even if I rarely see them in person. I

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Become a Facilitator

We will start to look for facilitators in the spring of 2014.

Your qualifications need to include a nutrition degree and proven past experience leading groups, including being an inspirational leader and an experienced facilitator.

We also are insisting on the facilitator having gone through the dieting merry-go-round and being able to showcase his/her own  life transformation story including his/her new diet healthy regimen and activity level.

Call Veronique Cardon, MS at (609) 712 1842 if you are interested.

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