12 Week WebEx Corporate Program: “After I followed the Cognidiet® program myself, and learned so much, I felt that this program would tremendously benefit other women in my agency, struggling with similar issues such as weight gain and stress. We implemented the program at Health Science Communications/Omnicom Group in April 2014. We followed the sessions over WebEx.
Veronique tailored the hours so as to accommodate our working and commuting time, being a New York City based company. Each week we had three time options to listen to her live WebEx session, so this program is very flexible.
Our group learned a lot about food combinations, the impact of sugar on our metabolism, the importance of managing our stress. We bounded over sharing similar challenges and as a result implemented new healthy initiatives such as offering free fresh fruits as snacks.
Overall the group lost up to 18 pounds. I highly recommend this program. It differentiates itself from any other weight loss program by speaking intelligently about food and empowering women to take care of themselves at home and in the workplace”


Delphine Dubois, MD, MBA, President, Health Science Communications, Omnicom Group NYC. Corporate Class of July 2014

4 Week Sugar Detox Program – September 2014: “Using a sequential and pragmatic approach, Veronique educated me on healthy eating and ways to eliminate sugar from my diet. Her program included useful handouts, checklists and guides.
By eliminating sugar completely from my diet, I was able to lose 3 pounds the first week. Veronique has a warm demeanor and sincerely cares for her clients. She serves as a wonderful resource for those who are struggling with weight loss or poor dietary conformance.”


S.S., educator and mother, Princeton NJ. Class of September 2014

“Raise your hand if you have tried lots of diets over the years, only to take one step forward and then two steps backward. If you’re like me, you’ve tried most things.
I wanted to lose weight, eat healthy and get moving, what I didn’t know was how to do that sustainably.
That’s when I found the CogniDiet Program. Rather than counting calories, CogniDiet’s Founder Veronique Cardon had me look inside ourselves to discover what were the limiting beliefs that were really holding me back.
Veronique’s international background, spanning a successful career in the corporate world and her expertise in nutrition was a key factor in making this program work for me. Basically,‘she gets it’. She understands the impact that a stressful career, and other multiple competing demands like family can have on a person’s mindset and our ability to manage stress, nutrition and activity. We want it all, and so often we put ourselves last on the list.
Over the course of the program I learned a lot about myself, my sabotaging behaviors and how to shift my mindset to a more positive, healthy one. I no longer feel like a victim to my struggle with weight loss. With Veronique’s encouragement and practical tools, my relationship with food and physical activity continues to change for the better, from shopping at the supermarket to preparing meals and enjoying time outside.
Results? To date I have lost just over 20 pounds and have the tools I need to carry on. I have new ways to look at life and live a healthy life. The kind of life I want to have for the rest of my life. Now that’s living! So if any of my story resonates with you, I personally recommend you reach out to Veronique to learn more about the CogniDiet. It is changing my life. It can change yours, too.”


MBR, age 54, senior management executive, mother and world traveler, lost 23 pounds, Princeton NJ. Attended the 12 Week Program and the Sugar Detox, Class of June 2014

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“When I first signed up on this program, I was skeptical. When I met Veronique I was pleasantly surprised. She is a great facilitator and a genuine person. She gave me tools to get myself back on track on my healthy lifestyle and eating. I feel as if I can accomplish my goal weight and live healthier now!
I thought I had given up.These past 12 weeks have given me a sense of hope and accomplishment. Veronique has empowered me with the ability to make better decisions and guided me to build confidence. This little lady has such amazing abilities to touch lives and inspire! Thank you Veronique!”


Patti, 29 years old, New Jersey. Patti had undergone bypass gastric surgery and had lost 90 pounds. She wanted to improve and change her eating habits. She lost 6 pounds attending the Class of April-June 2014


4 Week Sugar Detox Program – June 2014: “I learned so much in 4 short weeks, more than simply what to eat or not eat. This class really got behind the cognitive choices we make and why. Because of you and this seminar, I am well on my way to ending a nearly 40 year battle I’ve had with good food vs.bad food, crazy dieting and poor body image. All this in 4 shorts weeks! Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate enough.”


Susan, age 50, professional fitness trainer, Princeton NJ. Class of June 2014


“The CogniDiet changed my life! I lost 15 pounds and 5in from my waist, but having had high cholesterol all my adult life that no amount of weight loss or exercise had ever materially changed, the 50 points drop in my LDL is the real proof that this program works. I look and feel better than I have in years, with tons of energy to pursue all the new activities inspired by my fellow participants in the program.”


C., age 62, Princeton, NJ. Class of January-April 2014.


“After having no success with the most popular diet plans, I had concluded that, at 67, it would simply be impossible for me to lose weight. Then I saw the advertisement for Cognidiet, and decided to give weight loss one more try. I am so glad I did. Veronique Cardon’s ability to combine instruction in stress reduction with serious knowledge about exercise and nutrition has helped me lose 8.5 pounds in 12 weeks. More importantly, I now have a plan and the knowledge to lose the remaining 10 pounds to bring me to my goal. Her plan was a great investment in caring for myself.”


M., 67 years old, senior executive in NYC with a home in NJ, lost a total of 11 pounds and kicked out her sugar habits. Has lost another 4 pounds after the program. Class of January-April 2014


“I first read about the Cognidiet® on a mutual friend’s Facebook page in September 2013. I clicked on the link and read about some fresh ideas behind this new “Diet Without a Diet”© approach. What caught my eye was the EBT- or retraining one’s brain about food. I love Veronique Cardon’s scientific approach to understanding how food, movement, attitude, stress and old habits affect my weight.
12 weeks of relearning about nutrition basics flew by. I learned about the importance of why our bodies need a balance of nutritional components such as good fats, the energy from healthy carbohydrates, and proper portions of protein. Conversely most diets try to get you to completely eliminate one or more of those components leading to unsustainable weight loss. I was drawn into the idea of permanent and slow change which the Cognidiet® offers.
I walked away with knowledge that the food industry doesn’t want us to know and encouraged to try to eat more whole foods. By going to weekly meetings, keeping a simple journal, making a wall of success and learning how my own stressful life impacts my weight- I lost 19.5 pounds, at least 5 inches from my waist, 2 from my hips, and two sizes. My boyfriend was a little skeptical but has found curves in my waist that weren’t there in September.
Veronique’s careful planning and brilliant curriculum led me to a new path in my life; a path that I won’t depart from. The results I found in the Cognidiet® program inspire me to keep going, not only with my weight loss goals but also with my life long goals of a healthy and active life. If you want permanent change and powerful results- call Veronique and sign up for the Cognidiet® today.”


Lauri, 44 years old, single mom of three. Has now lost a total of 25 pounds as of end of March 2014. Class of September-December 2013.


“Having struggled with weight for all my life, I decided to enroll in the pilot for The Cognidiet® Program. 12 weeks into the program, I have learned so much about myself, how my brain and body work, how to control my cravings and hunger, and more importantly how to manage my stress. I lost 12 lbs and 5 inches from my waist, and I feel so much happier and stress-free. Thank you Veronique, it was the best thing I have done for my life so far!”


D., 49 years old, top executive business woman in NYC. Three children, divorced. She has lost 12lbs and 5in off her waist in 12 weeks. She has lost a total of 16 pounds as of end of March 2014. One on one via Skype September-November 2013.


“This program started as a journey to better understand nutritional facts and how not understanding them or choosing to not make good decisions concerning these facts does not allow me to reach my goals regarding weight.
I have learned much about myself during this journey and this information is enabling me to make smarter choices. I truly realize that the only person I am fooling when I am not brutally honest concerning what I eat and how much exercise I do does not affect anyone but me. Having other participants in this journey with me has been extremely beneficial.
It has allowed me to realize that others are dealing with similar problems and in sharing how they handle situations gives me additional methods to better solve my weak points. The support and guidance of Veronique has been a wonderful advantage and the small group discussions have been an essential part of reaching our goals.
Moving forward, I hope that we are able to establish a support group per se. A group that would meet once a month or every 6 weeks to help keep us accountable and remind us where we have come from and enable us to continue to move forward in a positive manner.”


Nancy, 68 years old, grandmother, retired and very active socially, lives near Princeton NJ. Lost 10 lbs and 2 inches off her waist. Has since lost another 2 pounds as of March 2014, Class of September-December 2013.

With Sharon Cohen at suppers dinner May 2014

“The difference that sets this program apart is the intertwining of Cognitive Behavior Therapy principles to retrain your brain. Under the guidance of Veronique, our pilot group learned how to retrain our behavior concerning food as well as reduce stress. Her lessons included studying proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and the importance of exercise and portion control.
During the class, I had the ultimate challenge – a trip to Disney World® to celebrate my retirement. My weight remained even, which was a miracle. The last time I visited Disney World® I gained 12 lbs. The biggest lessons I learned were how to make better nutritious choices and “How to Plan.
In 12 weeks I have lost 10lbs and 17 ½ inches. Most of all I developed a glow from within. Recently co-workers, whom I haven’t seen for 6 months, told me that I looked 20 years younger. No other diet has done that for me. I feel healthier from the inside out. I lost one size and now I have to go shopping in my closet.”


Sharon, 63 years old, retired teacher, Philadelphia, PA. She has since December 2013 lost a total of 20 pounds. Class of September-December 2013.



“As a busy working mom of a toddler, Veronique’s novel program has provided me with easy practical tips to help me reach my health-related goals. After participating in this program I was better able to understand the connections between my environment, behavior and underlying physiology which helped me understand why I had not been able to achieve my health-related goals in the past.
Using the program tools I was able to take small steps that fit in with my busy schedule helping me to better manage challenging or “triggering” situations. A fantastic program that has refocused my life. Thanks Veronique!”


Cindy T., age 37, young mother, commuter and pharmaceutical executive, one on one Skype. Lost 6 pounds in 12 weeks. Class of May 2014