• How long will it take to see the weight come off?

    People in the The CogniDiet ® program typically start to lose weight, sometimes as high as 4 to 6 pounds, the first week. An average loss is about 1 to 2 pounds per week which is the slow and steady pace recommended by nutrition experts to keep the weight off long term.

  • Do you have to do a food diary?

    Not really. We want you to focus on changing your thoughts and behaviors, rewire your brain, and become more mindful of your decisions and their impact on your body. However, if you feel that keeping a food diary will help you, that would be your option and some participants just do it. However there are brain exercises in the classes where we analyze portions and calories in certain foods, packages and on a plate. remember, knowledge is power.

  • What is the success rate of the program?

    The initial results have been extremely favorable. And we have now included in the program, an initial one on one with Veronique to determine your personal challenges, key baseline data and build your raoad map to success. We have had over 100 participants since 2014 including via the WebEx program. We have experienced a 95% success rate with participants. All of those who have participated in the early sessions of The CogniDiet®  Program have lost up to 40 pounds in 12 weeks (and up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks) along with 3 to 10 inches around the waist.  A small number of participants left the program after a session or two because they didn’t feel ready to implement the needed changes.

    More importantly the women who completed the program changed the way they ate, asserted their needs, increased their activity level and became more attuned to the positive impact of these changes on their self-esteem and confidence level.

    They now experience less stress, more joy and happiness in their life.

  • What if the program does not work for me and I want to bail out?

    A small number of people (fewer than one in ten) leave the group without completing the 12 classes/weeks program. Some only need 6 classes to achieve success and lose the weight tey want. If you find that you are not yet ready to change and The CogniDiet® Program is not for you at this time, you will be reimbursed for any future sessions you have already paid for or you could switch to another program or come back later.

  • The CogniDiet® Program is open to both men and women. However only women have signed up so far for the group classes. Some women prefer the one to one setting in person or over the phone. Men have benefited from one-to-one counseling with Veronique.

    Most participants are women who have been on a diet many times and for many years. They are looking for a new solution. They are ready to change something in their life style. 

    The program is not recommended if you have underlying food issues such as eating disorders (including anorexia or bulimia), are heavily depressed, or if food is your life and you are not really ready to change.

    People with diseases such as diabetes, digestive issues such as celiac disease, allergies, etc. can benefit from the program, but they must of course also stay with their medical treatment program and dietary guidelines as recommended by their physician.    

    This program does not tell you what to eat.  The CogniDiet® Program only educates you on mindful eating habits, how to change your behaviors, portion control, the basics of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fat, and the physiological impact of stress on your body and appetite.

    Those with specific dietary issues or questions can schedule additional one-to-one nutrition counseling sessions.


  • What is different about this program? I have tried them all, so I am a little bit skeptical.

    This program really focuses on life transformation. It trains your brain to change and therefore lose weight by making healthier choices. The curriculum is based on changing your thoughts first; changing your behaviors follows after.

    You begin by becoming your own food detective. By observing yourself and changing your thought patterns from sabotaging thoughts to new positive amazing thoughts, you will start to see changes.

    Brain exercises and experiments during each week will also help you adopt new behaviors because you will get rid of long ingrained habits. You will observe the impact of certain foods on your cravings and mood. The stress relief tools provided in this program also make it different from any other diet program.  You will change your habits, you will have the tools to manage stress more effectively, and the program will teach you about healthy eating and activity levels. There are no food restrictions, no diet per se, and no need to keep a food diary unless you wish so.

  • What elements of the program do participants benefit from the most?

    All participants successfully change the way they eat and start to exercise more.  They see changes in their body, stamina, and energy level. We have had many participants who saw a drop in their cholesterol and/or sugar levels. But interestingly, each participant seems to have her own favorite part of the program.

    • Some get the most from the stress reduction techniques that help them deal with their sugar cravings.
    • Some need to become  aware of the huge impact stress has on their body and hunger.
    • Some most value learning about the physiology of exercising, realizing they weren’t exercising vigorously enough or not at all to experience weight loss.
    • Because of the nutritional information provided, everyone discovers their triggers, and why they are triggers. Participants lean to manage them and find ways to deal with tricky situations and saboteurs. Some realize they had misconceptions about food and therefore make tweaks to their diets.
  • Can I join the program at 60?

    Yes. It is never too late to lose weight, change your nutritional habits and become more active. Participants in the program have ranged from 29 to 73. But the majority of our customers are in their 50’s. Even skinny fat women as they are called will benefit from the program. A 130 pounds, 73 year old woman lost 18 pounds on the program because she stopped eating sugar! She is now 112 pounds and her BMI is 21as calculated on our scietific scale.

  • Why 12 weeks? It seems like such a serious commitment. Can I see results in 6 weeks or just do the sugar detox program?

    A typical participant in the program has been dieting off and on for 10 to 30 years and still has not managed to keep the weight off. Maybe you haven’t been dieting for quite that long, but the fact is you can’t expect to change a lifelong habit in a short period of time.

    Based on studies of CBT, neuroplasticity and stress reduction (three of the techniques used in The Cognidiet® Program), the minimum commitment people need in order to implement a permanent change and see results is a program of 3 months or 12 weeks. However some participants are able to change and benefit from the program in 6 weeks and we offer that possibility, and some even decide they only need to do the 4 week sugar detox program.