About Veronique Cardon, MS, Creator and Facilitator of The CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs


Personal Past Weight Struggle

The Power of One Veronique Cardon The CogniDiet

“I’ve been 25-30 pounds overweight with high cholesterol, high blood sugar level, constant fatigue, rising blood pressure. I have let the outside world take control of myself.

I was that corporate executive juggling two children, a husband, a difficult daily commute, intense traveling and high pressure work.

I’ve been the person looking for that cookie at 5PM after a stressful day at work!”. If you want to learn more about why Veronique created this program, read her March 2015 interview in Suburban Life Magazine

Now she’s an avid runner, skier and golfer and exercises at least 4 to 5 times a week, while thoroughly enjoying a delicious variety of whole and fresh foods. After struggling with being overweight for years, she’s finally enjoyed a stable weight and happily balanced lifestyle since 2006.

And because she understands the link between stress, brain neuroplasticity, cravings and weight gain, she’s developed The CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs to lead you to the same long term and sustainable happy success. It’s feasible, you can do it too and we can help you. She also provides DNA testing with Nutrigenomix to help people eat smarter.

How to Liberate Women from Yo-Yo Dieting or Why I Created The CogniDiet®



Holistic Nutritionist, Community and Food Activist

Veronique created The CogniDiet® Program based on years of coaching clients as a holistic nutritionist, studying the science of weight loss and her own life experience and past struggle with weight and stress.

Veronique is a Holistic Nutritionist with a Masters degree (summa cum laude) in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health. She started to meditate in 2005 and gained a Certificate of Completion in CBT applied to weight loss at the Beck Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior in Philadelphia-PA, in July 2013.. She also holds a Commercial Engineer degree (magna cum laude) from the University of Brussels, Belgium. She also attended special management and leadership programs at INSEAD in France and the Harvard Business School in the US.

From 2007 to 2011, she practiced as a Nutritional Consultant at The Princeton Integrative Health Center, working with Helen Law, PhD, L.Ac., founder and owner of The Princeton Integrative Health Center. Veronique is back at the center since 2014 with her nutrition practice.

Logo SuppersShe is also a facilitator for the Princeton, NJ based “Suppers Programs” and leads a monthly cooking class at home themed “Healthy Supper with a French Twist.”

Each of her Supper has a different health related theme: heart health, alkaline diet, gluten free cooking…

Since August 2014 Veronique has also been a member of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the Suppers Programs organization. She is actively involved in the Princeton, NJ community and passionate about helping people be healthy and vibrant with the help of food.

Here below Veronique and her husband Paul Tastenhoye are leading a cooking class at the Terra Learning Kitchen at the YWCA in Princeton, on behalf of The Suppers Programs. Both Paul and Veronique have been cooking together for many years.

She is also leading healthy cooking workshops and lecturing on a regular basis about health and miscellaneous diet issues.Visit our event page to discover our regular workshops.

What is Different with Veronique’s Method?

Paul et Vero Suppers TLK Feb 2015
Over the years she has come to understand the challenges and barriers people face when making health choices and, in particular, when trying to lose weight for life. It’s not easy! so just being on a diet is not enough. the weight always comes back.

As a top pharmaceutical executive with over 20 year experience, Veronique gained extensive knowledge in health and disease related issues pertaining to neurology, brain chemistry, depression, obesity, diabetes and smoking addiction.

This experience developed her ability to translate science into meaningful, clear and digestible guidance for her weight loss clients. She understands how to lead and motivate individuals through life altering changes.

Because sustained change requires new thoughts and new behaviors, Veronique studied meditation and pursued additional training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Neuroplasticity and Emotional Brain Training (EBT) and other stress relief techniques in order to incorporate these important elements into The CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs. It is the combination of all this that makes the CogniDiet® a succesful and unique program.