“Rewire Your Brain and Lose Weight” Support Group

One hour weekly group classes are organized from time to time and we will keep you posted. The frequency is weekly and the cycle depends on topic and demand. There is no group meeting  for the time being.

What You Get With The “Rewire Your Brain and Lose Weight” Support Group

Group led by Veronique or another facilitator

The class is interactive and usually follows the clinical trial and "Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain" book's curriculum or can be adapted to the group's objectives

Sometimes groups are formed for " 4 Week Sugar Detox", "Ketogenic Diet Principles" or "Gluten-Free Cooking" etc.

You get access to the Rice Medical Scales Body Composition each week to track progress

You benefit from other participants' experiences and pearls of wisdom

You also get recipes, special cheat sheets, latest nutritional information or guest speakers

Sometimes cooking classes are incorporated in the curriculum

Call today +1 608 285 2989 to check if there is any special group program coming soon.

“Rewire Your Brain and Lose Weight” Support Group Registration

There is no group meeting for the time being.

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