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Veronique Cardon, MS, Interviews Medical Experts, Healers, Lifestyle Gurus and Inspirational Healthy Individuals to Help You Improve Your Life and Health!

Dr. Clifford Lazarus, PhD, Speaks about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Applied to Weight Loss.

Dr. Lazarus has been an advisor to The CogniDiet Curriculum and shares his experience with treating patients trying to lose weight. In this conversation we share tips and tricks to help you reframe your mind to adopt new healthier behaviors. Dr. Clifford Lazarus, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and is the Clinical Director of the Lazarus Institute for Wellness and Renewal in Skillman, NJ. He has published numerous books.

“CogniGirl” Francesca Vollaro Shares Her 20 lbs. Weight Loss Success Story

Francesca Vollaro followed the CogniDiet online program in 2018 and lost her weight this way. She is sharing what inspired her to lose the weight, principally her long term health and vitality. She is a Sr. Director at Girl Scouts of the USA, a commuter from Princeton to NYC, and a very active member in the Princeton community. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Dress for Success, New Jersey Chapter. She is an incredibly generous and inspiring individual.

Fitness Trainer, Susan Panzica Shares Her Secrets  to Exercise and Lose Weight When over 50.

Susan Panzica is a certified fitness trainer at Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center. She holds a Personal Training certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also a certified yoga and Pilates trainer. She knows the female body extremely well and has adapted her training techniques to accommodate all shapes of women at any age. She is taking into consideration current fitness, lifestyle, physical issues and personal goals.

“CogniGirl” Crystal Lofton Shares How she Lost the Weight and Shared Her Learnings with Her Best Friends.

Crystal has been a member of the 2016 CogniDiet clinical trial cohort and has maintained, even lost more, of her weight since then. She celebrated her 50th birthday with her girlfriends. She invited them in 2018 to a wonderful trip focused on wellness and healthy lifestyle. She gave them all a healthy lifestyle gift basket that included The CogniDiet book “Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain”.

Jonathan Wert, MD, Tells Us All We Need to Know about Fatty Liver and How to Avoid It!

Jonathan Wert, MD, is double board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. He graduated from Penn University and Hahneman University School of Medicine. He shares his knowledge about fatty liver, a silent disease that affects over 90 million Americans. This disease is growing fast, including in children and is linked to obesity, junk food, excess sugar, and lack of activity in general. The good news is that it is reversible when taken early on.