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Rewire Your Brain, Lose the Weight, Change Your Life

Are You Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?

The CogniDiet Is Your Solution!

Feel Happy, Confident, in Control, and  Light.

Be Liberated of Diets Once and for All.

Finally a Smart Program for Smart Women!

Diets Don’t Work. The weight comes back with a vengeance in 90% of cases because you don’t change. 

Rewire Your Brain and Make it Happy! It will create new healthier behaviors. Your brain is Plastic and can change. It is never too late! 

A Happy Brain Does Not Have Cravings. Focus on yourself and your strengths.

Clinically Proven Weight Loss, Sustained for One Year! 12 lbs. average and 33 lbs. max in a 12 week clinical trial with 40 women aged average 56. They lost another 2 lbs. during the next 6 months to reach 14 lbs.

On this program there are no calories or points counting, no special foods or supplements and it has been successfully followed by vegetarians.

The 7 Transforming Pillars

of The CogniDiet  Curriculum

Your Nutrition and Food IQ

Learn to combine foods smartly, manage your blood sugar level to avoid future cravings and boost your metabolism.

Activity & Energy Level

Understand the power of your muscles and high intensity exercise. Boost your metabolic rate for accelerated weight loss!

Deal with Your Emotions

Get a hold on your emotions and stop eating them away. Food is not the answer. Just learn to stop, realize and understand what is going on.

Enjoy Self Love without Guilt

You need to start loving and putting yourself first. Be proud of what you are and just consider your quest for weight loss as a project.

Mindfulness and Zen Life

Slow down and smell the roses. It is so good for your health. By becoming more mindful, you learn to enjoy your choices, even a treat from time to time, without guilt.

Deal with & Eliminate Stress

Stress makes you fat. Stress robs you of your life and health. Learn to calm down and get back in control of your schedule. Eliminate what you can, for the short and long term.

Life Hacks, Simplify Your Life

Eliminate what stands between you and the person you want to become. Free your time of what or who works against you. Get rid of energy vampires and saboteurs. And hint, you can be your biggest saboteur!

Join One of Our Programs Today!

One on One with Veronique

Meet with Veronique one on one in Princeton, NJ, or via phone or Skype.

12 Sessions/Weeks Online

You have access to Veronique’s live online weekly one-hour session covering each one of the 12 curriculum’s chapters. You can always listen anytime and have access to all the presentations and tools as a subscriber for 3 months.

Schedule A Free Call

Schedule a free 10min free call with Veronique if you are serious about the program and have a few questions for her.

What Participants Are Saying


“No more guilt, just good decisions. I am so happy I joined the online series in January 2018. It is convenient, practical, and Veronique is so good at motivating us every week. I have lost 8 lbs. in 6 weeks, and I am transformed!”

Gloria, Pennsylvania, 57

“I was initially skeptical and I have a crazy life, but the information is so well summarized, and Veronique is so engaging, that I have finally lost weight – 12 lbs. so far in 8 weeks! The combo book + online is perfect. I can’t believe a webinar did this to me. I highly recommend it now to all my friends.”

M.C., Georgia, 43

“The CogniDiet webinars and the book are teaching me the true meaning of taking care of myself. I’m not only learning how to find pleasure in making healthier food and lifestyle choices, but also that making these changes is truly putting myself first. I lost 8 lbs. in 6 weeks!”

S.D., New Jersey, 43

The CogniDiet Will Teach You How to Rewire Your Brain, Tame Your Cravings, Lose Weight Naturally and Change Your Life.

“There are a lot of crash diets around and I have tried quite a few. I did lose weight but gained it right back.. I am an emotional and stress eater and that’s my major drawback. This book teaches you mindful eating while making it fun.”

– Vedika P

NEW! The CogniDiet Companion Book  Will Help You Rewire Your Brain and Lose Weight by Experimenting Everyday with a New Self- Discovery Game.

By “Doing”, You Will Start Adopting New Behaviors. And the Weight Will Melt Away.

The Companion Book follows a 7 Days/7 themes structure to help you change. The “experiments” merge the heart, the mind and the body. You will get 12 weeks X 7 days = 84 self discovery games in total:

Day 1: Nutrition and Food  IQ

Day 2: Activity and Energy Level

Day3: Deal with Your Emotions

Day 4: Self – Love

Day 5: Mindfulness and Zen Life

Day 6: Learn to De-Stress

Day 7: Life Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Enjoy the Road, Lose the Weight, Have Fun cool and Change!

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