Hire Veronique Cardon, MS to Speak

Creator and Facilitator of The CogniDiet® Weight Loss Programs

and PowerNESS Your Brain®

Hire Veronique as a Speaker or Group Facilitator

On the right, Veronique is presenting her CogniDiet clinical trial results at the American College of Nutrition (ACN) annual meeting in November 2017. She subsequently presented a poster with her 6 month follow up data at the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) in Boston in June 2018.

Veronique has delivered The CogniDiet® Program,  “PowerNESS Your Brain” and other workshops in multiple corporations and non profit organizations including:

  • Pfizer (NYC)
  • The Carrier Clinic (Skillman, NJ)
  • Mercadien (Princeton, NJ)
  • The Omnicom/HSC Group (NYC)
  • The Suppers Programs (Princeton, NJ)
  • And More…

Her past as an executive has led her to manage and lead large groups in workshops pertaining to goal setting or strategy setting. Veronique is  very comfortable at speaking in intimate settings or in front of extremely large groups. After all, she launched a few pharmaceutical products and spoke to audiences of over 3,000 sales people.

Workshops available:

They can be as short as one hour to full day events:

  • Stress Management and Performance
  • PowerNESS Your Brain and Optimize Your Performance and Energy. “NESS” stands for: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Relief
  • A Balanced Life: Purpose, Health, Love and Spirituality
  • Mindful Eating
  • Eating According to Your Genes
  • The Mind Gut Connection
  • What Is the Ketogenic Diet?
  • Cooking Workshops and More…

Call Veronique Cardon at 609 285 2949 or email thecognidiet@gmail.com to discuss availability and packages.

The CogniDiet Weight Loss Program can be offered over a 6 to 12 week schedule or over webinars in a corporate setting.

It was piloted very successfully with Omnicom/HSC and The Carrier Clinic.



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