We are entering the perilous season.

Move on Thanksgiving, Santa Claus has already arrived… Every year my clients ask me to support them with new tips to navigate parties, deal with saboteurs and limit the damages!

You want to enjoy life, be like everybody else. Why can’t you have this food and drinks, when everybody is? Right? But what is your ultimate and most important goal? At least, you can try to limit the damage.

I can help you with a few strategies. Today we are looking at 7 mental games strategies.

Next week we will look at food and eating strategies, and just before Thanksgiving we will explore other creative ideas.

So this post series will be in three parts. But let’s start with knowing what your biggest challenges are.


1. Know Your Enemy

Please highlight your most dangerous situations, saboteurs and types of foods (or drinks).

They are triggering these undesired behaviors and frankly speaking, sabotaging your weight loss and healthy lifestyle efforts.

And honestly, you may have a couple. But knowing them in advance, will help you plan your upcoming strategies.



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2. Now, Design Your Mental Strategies

Today we are looking at the “mental strategies”. And some of them will require you to be quite creative and open-minded. I have 7 to share.


1. The 90 Second Delay


Studies show it takes 90 seconds for your body and brain to adapt to a new situation. The thought pathways, the body and brain chemistry are all influenced.

If you can just stay still for 90 seconds, you will be able to re-route your brain to a new action or choice. Maybe you were going to the buffet because you did not know anybody…

I know it can be tough to implement, but the more time you take to make your decision, the more chances you have to change course.


2. Be a Super Powerful Personality


There are a few “powerful personalities” you can adopt before the event. It is in fact a fun game.

It is a mental game too. You have super powers, you are Superwoman or a female James Bond. You are the hero. You make the right decisions. Imagine yourself wearing your flying cape or super laser. Picture yourself as this super hero.

You could be Gisele Bundchen however, or Mahatma Gandhi, as long as the personality and game meet your goals.

Plus it will give you a super overall confidence boost at the party!


3. Create a Temporary Tattoo


This trick works very well, because it reminds you of your intentions. Frankly speaking, I have done it with a black marker. A client of mine, she is in the book, did it with great success.

It works best if you write or draw it on your dominant hand, preferably on the side of your thumb. This way you see your “tattoo” each time you reach for food or drink.

It could read “This is not my choice”, ” Not today”, “I don’t need this” etc. Find your inspirational motto.


5. Rub Your Secret Talisman


This is one I have used also. Mine is a beads bracelet that I play with. In fact I count the beads and it allows me to come back to my vision – who I want to be.

If you believe in crystals, you could have your magic stone. Or a religious symbol. Or something that reassures you, makes you feel protected and equipped with self-control powers.

You will usually carry it in a pocket. Or it could be a jewel you are wearing. The touching or rubbing will distract your brain, calm you down and create a nice distraction.


6. Is This Food Good Enough for You?


You should ask yourself these three questions before going for any food (and maybe then use the tip #7 and Delay). At least it will help you control the quantity.

Why eat crappy, cheap food – often what you get served at parties? And if is at a family dinner, just eat little, and let the food linger on your plate – so you don’t get a second serving!

7. Delay, Don’t Deny


This is a very powerful strategy, because you negotiate with yourself. You can put “the temptation” in your bag, or ask to bring a doggy-bag at home.

The chances are high that by the time you are home, you will have forgotten about the food or won’t want it anymore.

Or just delay, don’t take anything home. Make a deal with yourself that you will have something better later.


Next week, we will cover food and eating-related strategies. Stay tuned!

With holiday-spirited love, Veronique