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The CogniDiet Program

This section will give you access to the recorded sessions with Veronique, week after week. We recommend you follow the weekly flow because there is a logic in the madness and better results will be achieved if you stay the course and learn to transform according to the curriculum. It is also recommended to buy the book “Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain” on Amazon to complement the daily emails and weekly presentations that you will get with this program.

Useful Videos

Videos with additional content and value are added to supplement your learning. For instance I will post an eating experiment, or my thoughts and advice on the ketogenic diet. I will share tips on how to stop sugar cravings or on how to select a good olive oil.

Forums of Discussion

There is an amazing opportunity, besides our social media, to start conversations with me or other participants in this private chat room. Ask questions, share tips or recipes, or even post pictures. You can do it all. And it is all within the safety of this website.

Schedule a Chat With Veronique

You have the amazing opportunity to schedule a 1o-minute free chat with me at least three times during this three month course. Do you need moral support, do you have a nutritional question? Do not hesitate to use this resource, but remember I am in New Jersey!