CogniDiet Companion Book


If you have read ” Weight Loss Starts In Your Brain”, this book is your next step and an extra tool to help you succeed.

The CogniDiet® Companion Book offers almost 100 experiments (in fact 7 experiments a week for 12 weeks, or 84 experiments plus some other advice). Sixty percent of these experiments are new and not contained in the previous book, but if so, they have been organized per theme to simplify your life. These experiments are in the form of tips & tricks, science-based educational snippets or recommended mental activities to help you rewire your brain to change your lifestyle holistically and your eating habits.These experiments help you align your mind, heart and body for greater success at maintaining your weight loss.

The CogniDiet®, developed by Veronique Cardon, M.S., is based on her years of coaching clients as a holistic nutritionist, studying the science of weight loss, and her own life experience and past struggle with weight and stress. After losing 30 lbs. and keeping it off for over twelve years, Veronique began to explore cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), emotional brain training (EBT) and emerging brain neuroplasticity techniques adapted to weight loss.

The CogniDiet® Companion Book is the perfect complement to the first book “Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain”. Each week, there are 7 days and 7 theme-based experiments to help you change:

Week Day 1. Nutrition IQ.
Week Day 2. Activity and Exercise
Week Day 3. Emotions
Week Day 4. Self Love
Week Day 5. Zen Life and Mindfulness
Week Day 6. Getting Rid of Stress
Week Day 7. How to Simplify our Life.

Have fun and discover who you want to be while losing weight. You can also get extra support by following Veronique on Facebook @thecognidiet, on Instagram @thecognidiet, on Twitter @thecognidiet, on YouTube and you can also register to her newsletter on her website or enroll to lose weight in her online classes.