After the foods and drinks galore at Thanksgiving – we are talking about a full 4 day weekend – you may find out your pants are tighter. You feel stuffed, overfed, ballooned because of all the sugar, salt and rich fatty foods you have ingested.

Here are 5 simple and very effective ways to detox in 5 days after Thanksgiving. You will lose the extra pounds you gained, guaranteed, and feel lighter and refreshed.

1. Drink at least 64 oz of non-sparkling water everyday – This is 8 glasses of water. When you wake up, before anything else, squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it.

2. Eat 5 servings (5 cups cooked, 10 cups uncooked) of non starchy vegetables everyday. Salads or soups are OK too. All this fiber will cleanse your digestive tract.

3. Eliminate all processed foods, sugar, flour, soda and alcohol. No fruits either. This is complete sugar, salt, preservatives and chemicals elimination. We know there are pesticides on produce, but the chance is that – after you washed them – they are way cleaner than any processed food.

4. Choose fish and lean poultry over red meat. This gives you a chance to eliminate most of saturated fats. Also fish and poultry are easier to digest and have less calories than red meats. Prefer organic sources and wild-caught fish. The quality of the flesh  is a reflection of what the animal has eaten! A wild caught fish only really eats plankton, which is the source of Omega 3.


5. Do 20 to 30min of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT everyday. It is very important to boost your metabolism and accelerate fat burning. Drink extra water after each session. If you are not an “exerciser” just go for a brisk walk for 60min each day. No matter what your level of activity is, just increase it a by a serious notch.

I guarantee this will cleanse your body and vital digestion organs. It will give a rest to your body. You will lose the bloating and enjoy a start to the post Thanksgiving week feeling energized. Until all the December parties!