This recipe is my attempt at recreating a delicious treat sold at the Whole Earth Center in Princeton, NJ. To my great dismay, it was discontinued, and so I’ve been trying to make my own version since!

It is a combination of grated raw carrots, beets, celery root aka celeriac and/or apples, topped with crushed walnuts and cubed or spread avocado. This is all wrapped in a medium sized leaf of Collard green or Swiss chard. If you don’t know what Collard green or Swiss chard are, they are dark leafy greens that can be found in the fresh produce aisle of a grocery store.

This wrap is delicious as an appetizer before a meal, or as a light snack. I think I can safely say I’ve recreated my dream wrap!

Ingredients for 8 wraps:

– 1 pound of shaved carrots, beets, and apples or celeriac. Apples will make the wrap slightly sweeter than if you use celery. I used one big carrot, 1 beet and a ¼ celery root. You can always be creative with the quantities and add more or less of one of the vegetables, based on your personal taste!

– 8 medium Collard green or Swiss chard leaves, rinsed well to clean of any dirt. Look for a leaf that is very fresh, and make sure to use it right away! If you use collard green leaves, boil them for a few seconds before using as a wrap

– 16 half walnuts, crushed

– 2 ripe small avocados, diced or crushed as a spread with salt/pepper

– Olive and canola oil, salt and pepper. You can also sprinkle some scallions if you wish but it is optional.


– Grate the veggies very fine, using the largest holes on a box grater. Mix them together in a bowl

– Add 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1tbsp canola oil, and salt and pepper to your taste. You can also add a little spicy note with hot sauce!

– Take the hard stem/ribs of the leaf out but keep the leaf intact. One option is to spread the avocado paste on the leaf as if you were buttering a slice of bread.

– Put the veggies in the middle of each leaf, sprinkle them with walnuts, cubed avocado (if not spread), scallions if you wish and gently mix again

– Close the leaf like a burrito or a wrap! Recently we also rolled it as a cigar and I believe it is even better than a wrap.

These wraps are delicious and healthy. Enjoy!