Lina is a petite, pretty well toned and active woman of 50. She enrolled in the PTS/CogniDiet 4 Week Program in December 2016 because she wanted to get rid of her belly fat.  She was pretty frustrated because no matter how much she exercised she could not get rid of it. She trained twice a week for strength with Jennifer at PTS and did two cardio sessions a week. She got nutrition counseling at our office twice and we designed a special diet for her.

She continued  to follow the exercise and nutrition program after the initial 4 weeks. Lina eliminated hard carbohydrates especially at night, increased protein intake and vegetables in her daily diet and started to carry her own health lunch and snacks at the office.

Linda lost 7lbs. (5% of initial weight) in the 4 week program between 11/19/2016 and 12/13/2016.

She also lost 5 lbs. of fat,  10.5% of her initial body fat and 68% of her total weight loss! This was quite an accomplishment granted it happened during the year-end Holiday Season.

Lina continued to train in January and February 2017 and achieved a total weight loss of 14 lbs. (11% of initial weight) and 11 lbs. of fat (24% of initial fat mass!) by February 14, 2017. What a nice Valentine’s gift. These 11 lbs. of fat represent 76% of the total weight loss, which is ideal.



Lina’s Testimonial

I started this program really to eliminate my belly fat. I have now lost my belly, which was my great frustration in spite of having tried diets before. I really feel so much better about myself.

I can feel my muscles and had to buy new pants twice! I really learned to enjoy strength training and having a professional trainer like Jennifer at PTS really made a difference. She understands women and really tailored my training to my body type and specific needs. I was already very good with cardio but the strength training took me to another level.

With Veronique I had an “aha” moment. It was the first time I was on a nutritional program with no restrictions. There was none of the usual “you cannot have this, you cannot have that”. On the contrary, Veronique told me all the things I could eat instead. It’s not a diet, I did not feel deprived!

I learned why I needed to have breakfast, which I never did before. I was never hungry on this program, I just changed the way I eat. I do not measure my calories, I just cook healthy and carry my healthy snacks with me now.”


Visit or call Kira at 1 609 252 1117 to register. Or call The CogniDiet at 609 285 2949. The 4 Week intensive program includes 2 private 1 hour training session with a personal trainer per  week plus 2 group boot camps a week. It also includes two nutrition sessions with Veronique and access to a full weight composition body scan before and after.