Already tired of your new year’s commitments? Maybe you were too ambitious?

Three goals maximum is what you can commit to in general. Focus is key. Prioritize.

Don’t fall into the usual ambition trap: “I want to lose 30 lbs., I will go to the gym 5 times a week, I will start running, I will eat 1,200 calories a day and cut all sugar and alcohol.”

How sustainable is this if you were not going to the gym, if you ate 2,500 calories minimum a day including a lot of sugar? How will you prioritize between work, family, the gym, the shopping for healthy food, the planning and the healthy cooking?

Just be reasonable. Create gradual steps. Cut your goals in pieces. For instance, you will have better chances to lose 40 pounds if you decide to lose 4 pounds a month, in one year, than just by deciding to lose 40 pounds.

Examples of gradual steps, focused on three goals:

1.   I will go to the gym at least once a week to do cardio and hire a trainer once a week to guide my efforts. I will block my agenda every week to do so.
2.  I will cut 300 calories a day to start with. I will select what I will eliminate. Is it the ice cream after dinner, the too many snacks in the afternoon? Let’s commit to cut something.
3.  I will go out for dinner only 2 times a week versus the usual 4 times a week. And I will be more careful in my menu choices at the restaurant.

OK, so now you have made your three specific goals. Let’s see how you do on the scale after one week. And then adjust, accelerate, be accountable, be creative. And stick to your goals. You cannot be motivated every day, you also need discipline.

But even more inspiring than discipline, is vision.

When it comes to weight loss, success is boosted 300% when you also visualize your benefits REGULARLY – every night before sleeping and every morning when you wake up. Think about your health, confidence, energy, appearance, libido and more. How do you look like when you are slimmer, when your body is more defined, when you are wearing this new dress?

Close your eyes and visualize the new YOU. Think about the situation, what you are wearing, who you are with, what you are doing, how you feel, what is your hair style etc. Create your own story. Get inspired.

A last word of wisdom. You must carve a time out in your weekly schedule to attain your goals, otherwise they will never be achieved. This is called true commitment. And, find a buddy. It makes all the difference. Support and encouragement, even a little bit of competition, will multiply your chances to stick to your plan.

Have fun, Veronique